RAAM for Alzheimer’s

This is the post excerpt.

Will we do RAAM?



Never been done by an Irish team before?

Oh right…but sure we broke the 2man Race Around Ireland record when we did that…


So will we do RAAM??

Feck it yeah,go on!


So here’s the worlds most boring blog i promised you all!

It all started when i got a phone call asking if i would crew and do physio for a 4man Irish team competing in RAAM 2012…..Thee RAAM??… Yup…..Christ yea im in! I have followed and dreamt about RAAM since i first heard of it in 2007,to be part of it was too good to pass up,i cleared it with herself and we were good to go! At the finish line i promised myself i would do it and said it out loud so it was cemented! Declan Brassil who was one of the 4man team said he’d return the favour of crewing but i said i’d rather have him cycling it with me and here we are now……like is said…..Gobshites!

2015 we entered Europe’s toughest bike race, the Race Around Ireland, breaking the existing 2man record. We only managed 3rd on the podium as the competition was fierce and Declan had a very bad crash the first night, a lesser man(Myself) would probably not have been able to continue, he was bust up,bruised and bloodied and took a good while to recover fully which made an impossible race all the more difficult. As we rolled into the finish line in Navan we started discussing RAAM……”Let me have a sleep,several showers and a beer and we’ll discuss it properly!”

So here we are now six months out from the worlds toughest bike race. Twice the distance of the Tour de France in a third of the time. 5200km non stop 24hr a day race. No Irish have attempted 2man, there’s been fours and eights but no twos so we knew we had to take a professional approach to it. In fact more people have stood on top of Mt Everest than have finished RAAM. We’re being coached by Bryan McCrystal of BMC Coaching, S&C with Bernard Smyth of UltimateConditioning.ie who without doubt is the best in the country at what he does and supplied with everything we need from Spun Cycles & Spun Run in Trim, Co Meath and nutrition from PowerBar.

We have a number of sponsors on board and are racing under the names of our two main sponsors as Team Ardstone/Tayto Park LCRC, while the cost of the race has kindly been covered we now want to make as big a push as possible to raise much needed funds for the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland and our local Meath branch. If any companies would like to come on as a sponsor please feel free to call me on 0861617407, your companies logo will be displayed on our jerseys and support vehicles. For those looking to give a donation please follow the link https://give.everydayhero.com/ie/race-across-america-for-alzheimers#/?_k=66oviv

I will update how our training and prep is going every couple of weeks and sure if you’re bored with nout else to do then have a read!!

I also have the small problem of getting through therace.ie 2017 first in March,this particular Gobshite is going solo on this one…….. More on that next time!!


RAAM for Alzheimer’s 2017 Part2!


Will you have a beer?

I won’t.

A glass of wine?

Better not

A selection box?

Just a Curly Wurly if ya have one?!

Christmas was a very quiet one, the only day we had off was Christmas Day. But training is going well, Race Around Ireland legs feel like they’re slowly coming back. The boxes are getting ticked and Bryan McCrystal (BMC Coaching) and Bernard Smyth (Ultimate Conditioning.ie) seem happy with the progress, even though its like having three wives some of the time but with none of the fun stuff!

So a few months back Gobshite here decided to enter The Race Donegal this coming March thinking it would be a good mental challenge before RAAM,its as follows:

Stage 1: 22km Run (Forget how to run)

Stage 2: 15km Kayak (afraid of water monsters)

Stage 3: 96km Bike (should be ok!)

Stage 4: 5km Run/Puke up and down Muckish Mountain (afraid of heights)

Stage 5: 68km Cycle (I wanna go home!)

Stage 6: 42km/Marathon Run at night (kill me now)

24 hours to finish!!

All being tackled on the back of mainly bike training…..mental battle indeed!

Add in the snow and mountains of Donegal and sure it’ll be mighty fun……..

But RAAM is obviously my main focus so for The Race Donegal i’ll be wrapping myself in bubble wrap with the main aim being to finish it injury free!!


Training is ramping right up, trying to balance everything is near impossible sometimes,train at 5am,work for 8am and back out to train again in the evening/afternoon before going back to work….six days a week…. I am loving it all but poxy work is just getting in the way!!!

The crew is sorted, flights and hotels are booked and RV and car are hired so we’re ticking all the boxes. Most years on RAAM there’s only a handful of 2 mans, last year there was five and only two finished. This year there’s twelve 2 mans already…….as the saying goes…. “if i fell into a barrel of t###s i’d come out sucking my thumb” but we welcome the challenge, the hardest part of RAAM early on is getting through the desert and Death Valley in the best possible shape, trying to avoid dehydration and overheating, a lot of two man teams don’t make it beyond that. Our crew is an extremely strong crew, a lot of them crewed for us on Race Around Ireland and they were flawless during that race so its a great comfort knowing all we have to do is cycle and moan and they’ll take care of everything else!

Some days i feel we should postpone until 2018 to better prepare but how can you possible prepare fully for something like this,that’s why i don’t listen to myself! So roll on June 17th til we roll off the pier in Oceanside with 5200km of hell in front of us!

Cant come quick enough!!


Don’t forget you can donate to our cause here: https://give.everydayhero.com/ie/race-across-america-for-alzheimers

2man Race Across America 2017